Wagner Technical Completes Storm Resiliency Analysis in Connecticut

Wagner Technical completed storm loading and resiliency analysis of 8,500 poles in Connecticut. Even though we faced record snowfall and extreme temperatures, we were able to collect data with tablet computers and meet our deadline. As data was being collected in the field, designers in the office accessed plant information and photos and used Pole Foreman software by Powerline Technology, Inc. Each pole was analyzed under 2 conditions:

1. Extreme ice, 3/4" radial ice with 4 pound per square foot wind, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) Rule 250B

2. Extreme wind, 95MPH, NESC Rule 250C

Deliverables included PDF reports of both tests, Pole Foreman files and photographs.

For more information contact Gerry Wagner at (845) 566-4018, ext 114 or gwagner@wagnertech.com.