Electric Overhead Distribution

Major Capital
Improvement Projects

Give us the scope for an electric distribution project, whether it is a voltage conversion, new circuit, line relocation, or reliability improvement project, and we will deliver you a work order package ready for construction. Our design will be based on your standards, and we will take care of all permit applications and easements and prepare all necessary drawings. We can work within your work management system or use our own. 

Voltage Conversions

We can analyze and design circuits for voltage conversions. Our designers are capable of recognizing voltage lasses of various equipment such as transformers, cutouts, switches, insulators, etc. We have done everything from converting a lateral behind a step-down transformer to converting all circuits on a low voltage substation.

Storm Hardening

Our experienced designers can survey your distribution system and spot weaknesses such as deteriorating plant, improper or inadequate guying, under-classed poles, tree conditions, inadequate protection (fusing and reclosers), over-length spans, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) violations, etc. We can also perform ice and wind loading calculations, i.e. pole loading analysis, based on your company standards.

Reliability Inspections
and Design

Whether you just need circuit pole line inspections or entire design and work order packages, we have the experience you need to help improve your circuit reliability. We can use your work management system or develop complete, construction ready, turnkey packages with our own in-house software.

Defective Pole
Replacement Design

If you have an existing pole inspection program in place and need help designing pole replacements, we can help. We go beyond just replacing what is there. We can design for new standards and changing requirements such as new setback guidelines and pole loading analysis.

Emergency Response Patrols

Our technicians are trained in spotting trouble and capable of conveying what material and equipment are needed, such as pole size and class, transformer size, and voltage. We can work from your circuit map and provide patrol results on a map-based system in real-time.

Plant Relocations

We are experienced in working with state, county, and municipal governments, their engineering staff, and contractors.  We will meet with the appropriate people and agree on a design strategy that works for all parties, then deliver a work order package that is ready for construction.

New Electric OH Services Design

From specifying point of service to transformer sizing to voltage drop calculations to adhering to service tariff requirements to working as your point of contact to customers, we can handle all aspects of designing new services.

Distributed Generation Planning

Examine circuit capacity and equipment to make provisions for a second source.

Circuit Planning
and Load Analysis

We can help you plan for anticipated load growth. We will assist in new circuit planning while ensuring reliability by using smart grid technology including switching and reclosing applications.

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