Large-Scale Voltage Conversion


Our client had a large suburban area fed by two older low voltage substations and an old, outdated distribution system. After a suitable site was chosen, Wagner Technical Services was contracted to do a complete circuit configuration of new and existing distribution lines to achieve a transfer of load from the old substation to the new one. Wagner technicians worked closely with the client’s engineering, construction, accounting and permit personnel as well as the joint representatives of the cable television and telephone companies in the area.

Our task was not only to design a new, more reliable distribution infrastructure, but to do so in a manner that would cause minimal impact to customers. New circuits were designed so that they could be constructed while maintaining the old circuits. Consideration was also given to minimizing outages during the conversion process.


Project goals were established for pole installation, new conductor installation, conversion and establishing switching and recloser locations to assure maximum safety and performance. More than 350 utility poles were installed or replaced along with 135,000 feet of new conductor of various sizes and all equipment such as transformers, anchors, guys and with service upgrades. Wagner Technical Services supplied the necessary project drawings, bills of material, labor estimates, joint proposal applications and day to day customer support to bring a five project to a successful conclusion.

Below are some sample drawings before and after pictures of the project and some sample drawings.