Our Services

Wagner Technical Services Inc. provides utility industry customers and contractors with critical services such as electric and gas distribution design, work order preparation, drafting, estimating, inspections, and custom software development.

Electric Overhead Distribution

  • Major Capital Improvement Projects
  • Voltage Conversions
  • Storm Hardening
  • Reliability Inspections and Design
  • Defective Pole Replacement Design
  • Emergency Response Patrols
  • Plant Relocations
  • New Electric OH Services Design
  • Distributed Generation Planning
  • Circuit Planning and Load Analysis

Electric Underground Distribution

  • Underground Residential Distribution
  • Underground Networks
  • New Electric UG Services Design

Third-Party Make-Ready

  • Pole Line Surveys
  • Make-Ready Design and One-Touch Design
  • Post Construction Inspections


  • Electric and Gas Inspections
  • Electric Transmission Inspection and Maintenance

Additional Services

  • Easement and Right of Way Acquisition
  • Accounting Closeouts
  • Asset Management