After Hurricane Sandy, a state regulatory commission requested a detailed report on customer outages and their duration. The client needed to quickly assemble the reports within their system, and was challenged from a manpower perspective. The staff of skilled engineers within the company was limited, and they were already overloaded with work. The decision was made to utilize Wagner Technical (“WTSI”) personnel to enable the client to meet the goal of reporting the incidents to the government agency on time.

What the Client provided to Wagner Technical:
The client provided two Wagner Technical associates with access to their GIS system, where the details of the incidents resided.

Wagner Tech Approach:
Our technicians had a deep understanding of how distribution electrical systems work, and how to navigate various GIS systems including the version the client had. They were able to utilize these skills to extract the information needed for the reports in a timely fashion.


The technicians were expected to analyze raw data contained within the GIS system, and make determinations related to outage sequence, durations and customers affected. The client clearly communicated the timeline necessary to complete the reporting, which was considered by them to be aggressive.


The WTSI Tech’s completed the assignment ahead of the anticipated schedule, allowing the client additional time to double check accuracy, before delivering the data to the government agency.