Accounting Closeout


A client’s plant accounting department was facing a large backlog of capital improvement projects in need of closing. They hired Wagner Technical Services to do as-built drawings and work orders. We also helped resolved discrepancies between the construction bill of materials and what was actually charged to the job.


Our customer had completed many capital improvement projects and the backlog of work to be closed out was overwhelming their plant accounting department. Additionally, materials charged to jobs we not reconciling with the original designs. The utility did not have adequate staffing to verify field construction and provide as-built designs and drawings.


Wagner Technical was hired to create as-built work order designs and drawings. Using experienced field technicians, we took the completed projects and rewrote them to reflect actual field as-built conditions. The work included field verification and conversations with the foremen who built the jobs.

Our NextGrid Line Designer work management system was used to provide accurate bills of materials. Then, we uploaded the updated design information into their local computer system. Joint pole ownership billing information was also updated to reflect as-built conditions and corrected billing statements were issued to the necessary joint utilities.


The completed projects were capitalized in a timely matter so as to keep plant records up-to-date and to satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.