Transmission Line Inspection


A mid-sized public utility customer wanted their electric transmission system inspected but did not want to tie up qualified linemen to perform the inspection, stray voltage testing and ground resistance testing. Wagner Technical was hired to inspect their system on a five year cycle using the NextGrid Asset Inspector. We provided online defect reports based on severity, reports for the New York State Public Service Commission and repair status tracking.


  1. To ensure their transmission infrastructure was adequately inspected without tying up qualified linemen for the task.
  2. To comply with New York State’s stray voltage testing program.
  3. To maintain accurate and up-to-date inspection data for the entire transmission system.
  4. To provide reports on conditions for the NY Public Service Commission.
  5. To track repair status of conditions found throughout the system.


Wagner Technical was hired to deploy inspectors to perform inspections and stray voltage testing on a five year cycle. Using our NextGrid Infrastructure software and experienced Field Technicians we provided the personnel and tools required to effectively meet the needs of the customer.


Wagner Technical has provided the personnel and technology required to meet the challenges the company faced when implementing a cost effective inspection program for their transmission system. They are now able to focus on implementing their maintenance and repair program rather than spending time searching for and consolidating data.  NextGrid Infrastructure makes it possible to view up-to-date inspection data whenever needed and provides several tools that enable quick and easy preparation of reports for the NY State Public Service Commission, as well as internal reporting for repair status and defect tracking.